[Carlo Pittore]

He gave to us all
and enriched our lives with love
we'll miss his embrace

Carlo, sweet, thanks for always asking.
We know what you did with your art.

[SnapBack from Sara Nics]

"The space we stood around had been emptied
Into us to keep, it penetrated
Clearances that suddenly stood open.
High cries were felled and a pure change happened."

from "Clearances" by Seamus Heaney

[SnapBack from Carter Ruff]

This world is not conclusive
A sequel lies beyond
Invisible as music
But positive as sound

Emily Dickinson

[SnapBack from Martha Miller]

for Carlo

What have we to say
to the sky?
What can we tell the wind?
How have we lived in
moonlight, sun shine?
What does the grass know of us?
Stick your hands in the water,
and tell the truth.

Will there still be stars?

Gary Lawless

[SnapBack from Martha Miller]

[SnapBack from Martha Miller]


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