Architectural Carvings

As the scale of the work grew. I began to make some large compositions in high relief. Scale is a relative thing for a Toymaker. If it's bigger than hand-held, it's a big one. What makes these pieces "architectural" for me, is their relationship with the wall or building they go on. Carvings in the round have a separate identity, but this work is part of a larger landscape, or architecture –– in some sense trans-personal.

The Barnboard Marquetry pieces are monumental, for me, and certainly jazz up the wall, but because they are made up of rough wood, I don't think of them as carvings. The work on this page is all composed of carved elements, finished in their natural colors. They all merge into something larger. There are other examples of this ilk on other pages (like Pocahontas with Capt. John Smith), but these seem to go together.

An Angel

Her Face

An Ecstatic Secret

This mixture of 2D and 3D was commission by an architect and his wife, to address the issues of individuality and transcendance I see in the two modes of perception –– and to tell a personal story. Leith's face turns from 2D to 3D as you approach the wall.

The Elements

Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. How Cosmic can you get? This was cogitated for the opening show at The Elements Gallery. I figured if it didn't sell, they could use it for a sign. It sold opening night.

The Four Winds

They live in the top of a tower in Bunganuc.

A Goddess of Sun and Wind

She looks out to sea from a house in Five Islands.

The Harpie

Central American Jesus

In the Presbyterian Church in Topsham.


The Dove

Above the Altar

Dances with Stones

The Rape of Persephone

A mythologized couple installed over their front door.

Greets the Rising Sun