Landscapes and Illustrations

When Peggy and I went on the American road in 1996, I was forced to leave my woodpile and pick up a pen and paintbrush. You can see the results of that exercise at our American Sabbatical site. After we got back I couldn't break the habit of taking ink and watercolor snapshots, and I recorded the local scene. Selling prints of these landscapes, and publishing some of them as the centerfold in the Maine Times, opened up opportunities to do commissioned illustrations. Over the years I've cooked up images and cartoons on my own hook, as well. A few diagramatic and/or abstract acryllic paintings have happened, and a handful of portrait drawings. I also put together a series of Coastal Theme line drawings. You can glimpse some of these below.

The Local Angle

Ink and watercolor drawings showing the annual round within strolling distance of home.

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Other Landscapes


Sometimes these turn into carvings, or lawn ornaments. Sometimes they just are.

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Acryllic Interludes

Plastic on Plywood


2-Dimensional Portraits

Marine Drawings

Salt Sketches