The Marianne Show

[Pencil portrait by Peggy Muir]

  Peggy says she could draw Marianne Marrone-Legassie 1000 times without ever tiring of the subject. This show honors a great model. Artists who have drawn Marianne at the Academy of Carlo Pittore, or aboard the art scow TOAD, are represented in this collection: Carlo Pittore, Martha Miller, Peggy Muir, Eric Legassie, Michael Heskanin, Stephen Petroff, Craig Hensley, Bryce Muir, and Marianne herself. The show will run until mid-March.  

Click on image for blow-up

Carlo Pittore

Martha Miller

Stephen Petroff

Michael Heskanin

Eric Legassie


Craig Hensley


Peggy Muir

Bryce Muir

Marianne Marrone-Legassie

Sketch from TOAD

[Unknown Artist]