Susan Drucker

Puppets & Moths
Myths & Spirits

A 2-woman show
of mythic images

Susan Drucker & Susan Mills

Susan Mills


Suzy and Susan hung this show at Gallery Muir in December 2004. It was a fabulous dialogue between two artists working with magical images.

Susan Drucker has been doing drawings and paintings from modeled assemblages, and in her exhibit were many of the original models, as well as Susan's 2-dimensional realizations.

Susan Mills has been creating mythic stage sets and environmental compositions, and taking magical photos. Her exhibit was of various ritual objects and shrines she has made, and mysterious photographs of recomposed magazine images of women.

These photographs of these works in the gallery do them scant justice. Shot hand-held, in available light, of subjects often framed under glass, the pictures can only give you a rough sense of the actual creations.

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Susan Drucker


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Susan 1
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