Signboard Commissions

If you put images out on your lawn, either they get stolen, or people ask you to make some for them. Here are a handful of recent commisiions.


The perennial favorite. This bit of tasteless homage keeps coming back, by popular demand.


Jo's Goat

Josephine foolishly said she wanted a rock big enough for a goat to stand on in her garden. So Brent got this for her birthday. To see how flattering it is for me to have a piece at Brent and Jo's, click on the picture. Brent's dinosaurs are the ultimate lawn ornaments.

Feng Shui Flamingos

Bob and Pam have a Florida fantasy, in which they escape to Flamingoland in the winter. She's a master spirit dowser, and he is her earth acupuncture accolyte.

Salty Dog and the Mermaid

A wedding present for Bill and Glory.

Great Blue Guardian

A heron to keep the predators away from the goldfish. Scarecrow Signage.

Shabby Sheik

Not too shabby. For an Antique Store.