I don't know if hanging an acryllic signboard on the wall makes it a painting, but it adds an architectural dimension to lawn ornaments. Here are some recent hangups.

We put together a band in the summer of 2001, practiced together once a week for a year, put on a handful of performances, then went our separate ways. This part of Maine used to be called The Sagadahoc -- or where the waters cometogether and go to sea -- and this is still Sagadahoc County. That's "Sagiddyhawk" to you flatlanders, and the name we chose. The local hawk is an osprey, hence the image. Now all we need is another band to use it.

Another take on a venerable American iconic vision.

The Wyeth's and MBNA have taken over Rockland. Now the Farnsworth Art Museum is the big cultural magnet in that burg, where the previous claim to fame was the smell of fish processing. I proposed this image as the new city logo, but no one took the bait.

So then I tried this version, but still no takers.

When they built the cathedrals, these pagan artifacts were carved on the outside of the buildings. This version, in acryllic, hangs on the outside of Seven Eagles (my shop).