Rogues Gallery 1

The cast of characters.

Folks are never sure when I point a camera at them just what they're likely to get turned into. I've conjured up enough toy portraits of the natives crossed with animals to make anyone in range a little nervous. But they know what I'm up to, so I can wander around with a camera without being threatening. Just the toymaker at play.

Publishing those pictures on the web is another matter. The same folks who don't care if you tell tales about them (at least the stuff everyone knows) draw the line at having their pictures published. Still, I feel that candid protraits are a legitimate artform, if you don't name names. That's why these snaps are unidentified. Most of them are locals -- in the global village.

If your face is here and you don't want it to be, or if you'd like to be identified, send me a message (or corner me in town).

Click on the black and white pictures below for blowups.


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