Figure Drawings

The drawing group we belong to meets once a week up above the studio of Carlo Pittore where we draw from life for 3 hours -- or until our eyes go crossed. We warm up with one minute poses, which let the models take more exaggerated stances. Then we do five minute poses, fifteen minute poses, and finally half hour poses. I'm much better at quick sketches than I am at long studies, and I tend to go home after the 15 minute poses. I keep trying to find new ways of seeing the subject, and change media periodically to that end. To show the evolution of these drawings, and the difference between short and long takes, I've sorted a sample of images below.

One Minute


Five Minutes


Fifteen Minutes


Half Hour


Seven + Years

The drawing group has put on some shows:

The Academy of Carlo Pittore Show - 2005

GROUP DRAWING SHOW - November 2002

Drawing Circle Show - November 2000

GROUP SHOW - November 1998

I've previously posted some collected drawings:

Drawings of Drea

If you'd like to purchase some original drawings, or prints:

How to buy Drawings