Yard Art

Something comes over Mainers in the Spring.
They get a mad urge to dink up the dooryard.
Ever since we were groupies with the Lawn Ornaments Band
we've been compulsive ornamenteurs.
May your lawn be cluttered.

Cathance Memorial Archive

In 1988 we set out to collect pictures of
lawn ornaments to make a light show for the band.
We ended up with 1000 slides of yardart.

Here are a few samples.

Brooklyn Museum Exhibitions

Once you start seeing yard art
you can't resist doing it yourself.
So we began dinking up our own yard.

Here's a peek at our lawn.

The Upshot

If you join the game,
you must bear the consequences.

Here are some local incidents.

The Contagion Spreads

Once people see ornaments on your lawn
they have to have some, too.

Here are a few commissioned works


Then there's the book.

With 16 tacky postcards.