Lobster DeliveryThe Big Stuff

The relief carvings I was inspired to attempt
after our sojourne in Norwich, UK (1990)
led to more elaborate mural compositions.

Click on pictures below for larger images.




 A Goddess Portrait
For Kay Gray (1996)
Mixed hardwoods
5' diameter
 Goddess Mural

 Festival Gates
For the Maine Festival (1995)
became wall murals
Mixed softwoods
12' diameter

 A Sunset Eagle
For Sebasco Harbor Resort (1998)
Barnboard Marquetry
Mixed hard and softwoods
16' diameter

 Softshoe Lobster
A reprise at Sebasco (1998)
Spanish cedar
and other woods
20' diameter

That's the way you spell chicken
First of the laminated menagerie
Mixed hard and softwoods
1 armload
 Chicken Man


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