Signboards & Lawn Ornaments

Back in 1988 Peggy and I were groupies with the Lawn Ornaments Band. When I set out to take some slides for a performance light show, we discovered the whole universe of Lawn Wars. Pretty soon I was making and putting out our own ornaments. Another string on my bow.

These acryllic-on-signboard paintings can be divvyed up into a variety of categories:

Seasonal Commentary

I attempt to illustrate the turning of the wheel and/or the political climate on our front lawn.

Lawn Skirmishing

Political Noises

Sometimes the target is irresistible.

Musical Caricatures

Decorative signs for McBean's Music Store

Musical Signboards

Interior Imagineering

(SagiddyHAWK logo)

Signboard paintings to animate your walls.

Wall Wars

Commissioned Curiosities

Getting Jo's Goat

You never know what folks will ask for.

Ornamental Commissions

Historical Artifacts & Commentary


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