Sagadahoc Stories

Strictly Smalltalk and Local Gossip.
Anyone who believes these tales
should have his credulity meter checked.


These dispatches begin in May of 1997 following our return from an American Sabbatical. It wasn't until September of 98 that I figured out how to make illustrated web pages out of them. The illustrated versions are indexed below, from most recent to most moldy.The e-mailed unillustrated journals from our return home until I became a webaholic can be found under: Old Logs.



#141 12/6/05.. On Friendship (and Acquaintance)

#140 11/12/05.. On Narrative (Mountain Tops)

#139 9/28/2005.. PostArtum (Carlo's Paintings)

#138 9/26/2005... Fezzle in Summer (Gallery Muir Closes)

#137 2/23/05... Art In Winter (A Theory of Art as Politics)


#136 12/21/04... Six Months In (Trying it On)

#135 9/15/04.. Gallery Muir (We open a Gallery)

#134 5/17/04.. Reshaping the Form (Old Wining in New Sacks.)

#133 01/10/04.. Playing it By Ear (How the Music Came and Got Us.)


#132 10/30/03.. Cursed by the Babe (Sailing to Cutler. Cursing the Babe.)

#131 7/4/03.. Good Deeds (Never go unpunished. Building the Town Stage)

#130 5/30/03.. Back to roots (A trip to Scotland)

#129 4/7/03.. Hard Winter (Ice. War. Death.)

#128 1/21/03..Demonstration (Trip to D.C.)

#127 1/11/03.. Retrospective (A self-review)


#126 12/1/02.. Still Ticking (Quick retrospective of the local political year. Dianne's passing.)


#125 8/15/01.. Turbulent Landing (Jimmy's Marina & other summer fun.)

#124 3/6/01.. Virgin Snow. (Virginia c. 1607. Portrait of Herb Abrams.)

#123 2/18/01.. Fight or Flight (The Local Airfield is Sold.)

#122 2/4/01.. Time Out (Back to the heart of the matter.)



#121 11/10/99.. Playing Catchup (Buttoning up for wintah)

#120 9/27/00.. Complanning (A new Comprehensive Plan & other winds.)

#119 9/10/00..Stranded (Going for Mustard, but getting beached.)

#118 8/31/00..Dead Low Tide (Yarting on a New Moon).

#117 8/26/00..Watershed. (The floating life and a trip to Colorado).

#116 7/4/00..Yarting. (Art excursions on the TOAD).

#115 6/2/00..Patching a Sieve. (Crawling to Rockland and an Old Boat.)

#114 5/20/00..Hootie & The Virgin. (Mooring hassels and Owl wisdom.)

#113 4/30/00.. Brentosaurus (Chasing Dinosaurs with a Canoe Club.)

#112 4/1/00.. Foolishly (Winter Tale. Spring Frenzy.)

#111 1/23/00.. Thinking Backwards (Tulum.Cahokia.Norwich.Weird Eddy.)



#110 12/23/99.. Millennium Bug (Last Round of Local Dispatches.)

#109 11/21/99..Shacking Up. (Smelt Camp Squabble. Millennial Mumbles.)

#108 10/30/99.. Fall Sailing (Shaking Down the Toad.)

#107 9/30/99.. Sparring (Town Birthday Party. Setting Sail.)

#106 9/21/99.. Wet Toad. (Launching the Millennium Toad.)

#105 9/3/99.. Sparks (Metal Fabrication with McLaughlin)

#104 8/23/99.. New Clothes (Urban Reflux. Carlo Show.)

#103 8/11/99.. Hot Tar (Festivals and Road Work.)

#102 8/1/99.. Dog Days (The Floating Life. Cathance Cogitations.)

#101 7/20/99.. Smothered (Heat waves. Summer Complaints. A Moose Erection.)

#100 7/10/99.. Ultralight Passage (Mike & Olivier Fly In. Leave Us Spinning.)

#99 7/4/99.. Flipper (Over) (Barn Raising. Boat Flipping. Independence Day.)

#98 6/24/99.. Ugly Wins (Town Meeting Report. Past Views of Town.)

#97 6/22/99..Half-caulked (Hull Together. Town Meeting Preview.)

#96 6/14/99.. Planked (Bottom's Up. Summer Scenery.)

#95 6/8/99.. Island Breeze (Hupper Island Getaway. Island Drawings.)

#94 6/1/99.. Hanging Plank (Skinning the Sides and Rising Above It All.)

#93 5/24/99.. Lilac Rain. (Flower Show and a Plane Tale.)

#92 5/17/99. Framed. (Ready for Planking, Planting, Punting.)

#91 5/10/99..and then it Rained. (Spring Passages.)

#90 5/4/99.. Putting Out. (Lawn Ornaments. Frigs and Stems Again, too.)

#89 4/26/99.. Willows and Maples First (Overhill to Vermont. Uphill to Spring.)

#88 4/19/99.. Setting Molds. (Boatbuilding. Road Grinding. High Wiring.)

#87 4/14/99.. False Starts (First Greening. Dead Iron. Men on Ice.)

#86 4/5/99.. Coyote Moon (Old Rocks. New Lumber. Gossip as Politics.)

#85 3/29/99.. Parts List (Turkey love. Boat plans.Renovating lunch.)

#84 3/21/99.. Portents (Sugaring. Steeple Jacking. Spring Ornaments.)

#83 3/15/99.. Over Here (Naming the Sagadahoc with Woodcuts).

#82 3/7/99.. Weather or Not (Ice letting go. Matthew's Paintings. Dara)

#81 3/1/99.. In Ordinary (Winter days and Wooden Medicine).

#80 2/22/99.. Getaway (Fly American to Puerto Rico)

#79 2/13/99.. A Hog on Ice (Burning the Mill & Wooden Music)

#78 2/7/99..A Long Walk (in the woods with a passing friend).

#77 2/1/99.. Perfect Ice (skate while you can).

#76 1/24/99.. Thaw (Fog and funerals and new wood).

#75 1/18/99.. Twenty-one Turkeys (SAD and the winter quary).

#74 1/10/99.. Winter Roads (more ice & a goat milking).

#73 1/3/99.. Fresh Smelts (putting out camps & local amenities)


#72 12/29/98.. Bringing it Home (Elementary friends and Ice for the Hols.)

#71 12/20/98.. Lady and the Hare (FHC portrait and its symbolism).

#70 12/13/98..Waiting for a Sign (Powerlines and a White Bear.)

#69 12/7/98.. A Drawing Circle (Group show of figure drawing.)

#68 11/27/98.. Scoping it Out.(Toymaker portrait. Scope mount. Biennial)

#67 11/20/98..Facing and Defacing (Town Hall Addition & Portraits.)

#66 11/14/98.. Paper and Twigs. (Richard & Susan and Provincial arts.)

#65 11/9/98.. Hired Out. (Shingling.)

#64 11/3/98.. Wind in the Trees. (Hunting season. Painting from photos.)

#63 10/25/98.. Animal Time. (Leaf fall. Critters come out.)

#62 10/19/98 A Phoenix & the Ladybug (Laying it on thick.)

#61 10/13/98.. Round the Bend. (Old Post Road.)

#60 10/5/98.. Harvest Moon. (Last sail. Hauling Sharpie. Stripping garden. First Frost.)

#59 9/28/98.. Kidstuff. (Sophia and the whale. The big chicken.)

#58 9/20/98.. The Tinge Begins. (Sharpie's kharma.)





These chronicles are an attempt at this new form,
an illustrated electronic journal. Some readers
may feel they contain violations of personal privacy.
I've told no tales about others that aren't public knowledge.
If I've exposed myself, isn't that what art is supposed to do?
As a local artist I take the place I live as my subject.
If you have specific complaints, please contact me.